Protect your rental properties, protect your assets

Own a building with 1-6 units that you rent to tenants? We can insure your building, rental property, loss of income, and civil liability for this property.

Civil liability insurance protects you in the event your tenant files a lawsuit against you for damages due to a defect in your building.

A DPJL representative will assess your needs and advise your accordingly. That’s our job!

Additional coverage

Several other coverages are available and some, like Replacement value with no obligation to rebuild, Single deductible, or Water damage, are even free if you meet the insurer’s criteria.

Find an insurer, regardless of your history

We deal with specialized insurers who offer products with the potential to meet your insurance needs. Contact us and together we’ll find solutions that are right for you.

Take advantage of our exclusive program

Your rental properties may be eligible for our exclusive program,  which offers better protection at a lower cost. Contact us for more information.


Yes, since information will be needed and changes will have to be made to your insurance policy. The insurer will inspect the heating system to make sure it is safe and compliant.

It is important to notify your insurance representative of any change (e.g., change in use, major renovations, addition of a wood-burning stove) to ensure you have adequate coverage. If you omit information or make a false statement, your insurer could cancel your insurance policy or refuse your claim.