The benefits of customized SME insurance

The world of commerce is huge, and each sector has its own reality and specific risks. That's why there’s no one-size-fits-all insurance solution for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

For example, companies that provide specialized services require insurance products tailored to their specific needs, and retailers like bakeries or pharmacies need multi-risk insurance that covers inventory and equipment as well as civil liability and business interruption.

However, every business, regardless of sector, needs to protect its data and those of its customers and suppliers from cyberattacks. Some 50 percent of these attacks target SMEs.  Cybersecurity insurance covers damage caused by cyberattacks as well as the services of cybersecurity experts to restore and protect your company’s data.

Groupe DPJL brokers have the expertise to pinpoint your company’s potential exposure to cyber attacks and offer you insurance that best matches your situation.

  • Wholesalers

    As a wholesaler, your company handles constantly changing stocks of merchandise. But are your stocks, equipment and buildings adequately covered for potential loss?

    You might also need insurance for your commercial vehicles.

    It’s important to supplement the basic coverage in your insurance contract with other coverage. Ask your Groupe DPJL broker about our insurance products for wholesalers.


  • Goods in transit

    Whether your company transports its own goods or those of others, make sure your commercial vehicles and their freight as well as your warehouses and other buildings are properly insured. You also need civil liability insurance. And if you’re transporting someone else's goods, check whether you’re responsible for the goods in your possession while in transit. 

    Call us to find out what kind of coverage you need!


  • Professional liability

    If your company is very active, it’s naturally more exposed to mistakes or accidents. Liability insurance covers a range of mishaps, including legal fees in the event of a lawsuit. This product also protects you against claims for damage or injury to others attributed to your activities or products.

    It’s also a good idea to purchase additional insurance for damage that exceeds the limits of your basic insurance contract.


  • Retailers

    Insurance policies can be specifically designed for a wide range of retail businesses like optometrists or grocery stores. This insurance covers essential assets like buildings, equipment, merchandise and documents. 

    Retailer insurance also protects against loss of income due to loss or fraud.
    If you operate a business in a rented building or premises, check whether you have adequate fire insurance. Don't take anything for granted!


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