Take advantage of products tailored to your contracting business

Being a contractor means owning expensive tools and equipment that are essential to your business operations. Insuring them is crucial.

There are various types of coverage designed for contractors, depending on the type of company they own. A DPJL broker knows the risks inherent to each sector and can analyze your needs and advise you on the products best suited to your situation. Consult the section that corresponds to your area of activity.

  • Electrician/Plumber

    In addition to protecting your property, make sure to cover property that is being installed , which must be specified in your policy.

    Important: If you rent equipment, tools or a trailer, make sure your policy covers these items.

  • Excavation or snow removal contractor

    Removable or installed equipment (plow, snow blower, etc.) must be added to the value of your vehicles.

    Did you know that your insurance policy may contain restrictions on the use of your equipment? To cover the operation of this equipment, you must have general civil liability coverage (see the Business – General civil liability section).

  • Construction

    If you are a building contractor, you must purchase separate insurance policies for the construction site, renovations, and civil liability.

    Do you rent equipment, tools or a trailer? As you know, theft is common on construction sites. Are your tools and equipment insured?

  • Roofing

    Your type of business requires specific coverage. Call us to make sure you are properly protected! 

Did you know?

Important: If you rent equipment, tools or a trailer, make sure your policy covers these items.

If the building in which you are working and its contents are worth over $1 million, do you have adequate civil liability coverage? To find out, check our Business – General civil liability section.

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