Insurance products that suit your line of business

You've grown your business through your time, effort and financial investment. You’ve acquired suitable premises, valuable tools, company vehicles, equipment and so on. For all these hard-earned assets, it’s essential to have appropriate insurance coverage. Business insurance will also cover some types of property damage related to your business activities, regardless of your company’s size.

Various types of coverage are available for contractor liability insurance as well as for your specific needs. The right coverage is also a strong selling point for both existing and future clients and helps maintain your excellent reputation!

Groupe DPJL insurance brokers are well versed in the risks inherent in each business sector. They can analyze what you require and advise you on the insurance products that best match your needs. 

Check out the section below that covers your line of business.

  • Electricians/plumbers

    As an electrician or a plumber, in addition to your basic business insurance, you need to insure your work equipment on the road or at a client or building site. Installation risk insurance is specialized coverage that protects your tools and other property on worksites where tools can sometimes be stolen or damaged, leaving you and your employees unable to work.

    Don’t forget to also insure any equipment, tools or trailers you rent.


  • Excavation or snow removal contractors

    As an excavation or snow removal contractor, when you request a vehicle insurance quote from your broker, you need to include removable or attached equipment like shovels or snowblowers. You should also ask your broker if there are any restrictions on how the equipment can be used, and, if so, what the restrictions are. 

    You must also carry professional liability insurance for any potential damage at a client’s premises or elsewhere in the course of your work. 

    For more certainty and less worry, contact a broker to save yourself time and money.


  • Building contractors

    As a building contractor with equipment and other company property on your premises, you need to include all this in your business insurance. You also need to take out specialized insurance when your equipment and other property is on job sites, including renos. 

    It’s very important to insure tools and materials on building sites where the risk of theft or damage is especially high at night when workers are absent. If your equipment is broken or stolen, you must be able to resume activities quickly in order to meet your contractual obligations.

    Another must is civil liability insurance to cover on-the-job injury or damage to the building you’re working on or even to a neighbour’s property. This insurance also covers your employees. We all know a small mistake can sometimes have disastrous consequences, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!


  • Roofers

    Whether you specialize in roofs for residential, commercial or even industrial premises, you need to have the right insurance for civil liability and commercial property damage. Even though you’re the kind of employer who properly protects their employees’ safety, an insurance policy tailored to your specific needs can eliminate a lot of worries. Roofing is an activity that requires special insurance coverage. Call a Groupe DPJL broker today to find out how to get the best protection!


  • Performance bonds

    In Quebec, businesses in construction and related sectors, as well as businesses operating under a license or permit, are sometimes required to take out performance bonds.

    Performance bonds are sureties or financial guarantees that work and other commercial obligations will be executed, delivered and fulfilled as stipulated in the contract. For construction projects, performance bonds cover:

    • building warranty permits
    • tenders or letters of commitment
    • wages for employees and other workers, as well as material costs
    • corrective work

    Specialty contractors in both the private and public sectors are being increasingly required to take out performance bonds.

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