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Whatever your activity sector, we offer additional coverage to protect you against the risks threatening your company.

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Additional coverage

Credit insurance and insurance against rising fuel costs help you manage your budget and travel plans! 

  • Credit insurance

    If your business is highly specialized and you have only a few customers, how can you make sure you are not completely dependent on their financial situation?

    With an insurance that provides you with income in the event of a default in payment from a customer. Credit insurance covers your receivables in the event one of your customers is insolvent.

    What are the advantages of this type of coverage?

    • Your liabilities decrease
    • Your assets increase
    • Your balance sheet improves 

    This innovative product is gaining in popularity and can improve your purchasing power, borrowing power, etc.

  • Insurance against rising fuel costs

    Does your company own a large fleet of trucks? Are volatile gas prices wreaking havoc on your budget planning? To protect you against these repeated price spikes, we offer insurance against rising fuel costs.

    This product is very straightforward. For a set period of 6 or 12 months (subject to the payment of fixed premiums), you will receive a monthly reimbursement each time the price of gas exceeds a preset price.

    Thanks to this insurance, your company will no longer be at the mercy of oil prices and you can plan your budget with ease.

    A broker will be able to tell you how much you could save, based on your monthly fuel consumption.

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