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Your farm is much more than a bucolic setting. It’s your family heritage. It’s also a going concern that handles business challenges and realities. Your farm is also exposed to many risks that could severely impact production. Any damage to your products, buildings or equipment can interrupt or slow down your farming operations by jeopardizing both supplies and delivery.

All-round insurance protection

All-round insurance protection for the farming sector covers not only buildings, machinery and vehicles, but also crops, livestock and so on – in a nutshell, everything on the property. This insurance covers your production and property for risks like fire, theft, vandalism and water damage, and includes civil liability.

Commercial farmers also need insurance to cover business interruption and income loss. Complementary insurance products like credit insurance are also handy in maintaining cash flow when customers don’t pay their bills. 

Groupe DPJL offers agricultural insurance coverage specifically designed for your type of operation and its related activities. 

What’s more, our claims call centre is available 24/7.

Personalized analysis of your operation

In the agricultural sector, the risks for a hog farm are naturally not the same as they are for a vegetable grower or grain producer. Similarly, the consequences of a disaster or accident are not the same for a large commercial farm as they are for a small-scale operation. 

Agricultural insurance is designed for every situation and context. This includes supporting the sustainability of the family farms that have helped make Quebec what it is today.

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