Protect your assets

To protect the assets you’ve spent a lifetime building, you need umbrella insurance.

It offers you $1 million to $5 million in civil liability coverage, in addition to the coverage provided by your basic insurance policies (automobile, home, RV, etc.).

It includes two components, i.e., excess liability and umbrella liability.

Excess liability

This portion covers the same risks as your basic insurance policies, but enables you to increase the amount of insurance.

  • Example for auto

    During a trip to the United States, you hit a pedestrian with your car. The courts award the victim $1.5 million, but your auto insurance policy only covers $1 million. Your excess liability insurance will cover the difference.

  • Example for home

    Fire accidentally destroys your home and spreads to your neighbours’ homes, causing considerable property damage. Your neighbours sue you for $2.5 million. Your basic civil liability policy only covers $1 million. Your excess liability insurance will cover the difference.

Umbrella liability

Protect yourself against risks that aren’t covered by your basic insurance policies, such as:

  • Liability covered by the policy
  • Personal injury
  • Activities as director or volunteer officer
  • Third-party property damage (includes rented/borrowed property)
  • Example for auto

    Your 14-year-old son takes your car without permission. While out joy riding, he slams into a gas pump and causes an explosion. The damages are assessed at $200,000.

  • Example for home

    You rent a cottage and your child forgets to turn off the bathtub faucet. The water damage is substantial. The lease liability in home insurance policies may be limited to damage caused by fire, explosion or smoke, and may not cover water damage to a rental property. Your umbrella liability insurance will cover these costs.