Get coverage tailored to how you use your vehicle

Basically, insuring a company car is the same as insuring a private passenger car. The personal auto insurance tab will tell you all about our auto insurance offers.

However, a determining factor in the insurance rate for a company car is how the vehicle is used.

  • Truck transportation

    In addition to insuring your vehicle, it is important to make sure the merchandise being transported and third-party merchandise are also covered.

    Merchandise being transported is not covered by a basic automobile insurance policy. If your customer wants to insure the cargo for its replacement value, make sure this coverage is included in your policy, and that the insurance amount is adequate.

  • Vehicle fleet

    A fleet comprises all of a company's vehicles. It is more cost-effective to group all vehicles on the same insurance policy. In addition, you’ll only have to pay a single deductible in the event of an accident involving a tractor pulling a trailer (e.g., a jack-knife).

  • Long-haul trucking, including to and from the U.S.

    Did you know that there’s a made-to-measure policy that covers your vehicles, transporter general civil liability, the merchandise being transported, and bail money?
 Make sure:

    • the merchandise being transported is insured for its replacement value;
    • you tell the insurer what you are transporting;
    • you specify all territories you’ll be driving through;
    • you have bail insurance; this is very important, since the law differs between states and provinces.

    Important: You will also need a bond for truck drivers.

  • Cargo insurance

    Your merchandise is covered by your insurance when it’s at your company, but what about while it’s being transported?

    That’s where cargo insurance comes into play, to cover your merchandise being transported by ground, sea or air, and possibly during loading and unloading, against most types of damage.

  • Bond for truck drivers

    This coverage is used as a bail bond for a trucker transporting goods outside of Québec.

    It is very important, since the law differs between states and provinces.

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