Coverage that exceeds your expectations

You’ve worked hard to afford the things you've always dreamed of! Whether you own one or several lavish homes, valuable art collections or a fleet of luxury cars, we have just the insurance policy you need.

Some insurers specialize in high-value home insurance and offer advantages specifically aimed at customers like yourself:

  • The possibility of insuring a secondary home in Florida;
  • Additional civil liability on your home insurance policy;
  • A complimentary professional appraisal;
  • Additional coverage and higher limits exclusive to this segment of the insurance market.
High value

Additional coverage

Several other coverages are available and some, like Replacement value with no obligation to rebuild, Single deductible, or Water damage, are even free if you meet the insurer’s criteria.

Find an insurer, regardless of your history

We deal with specialized insurers who offer products with the potential to meet your insurance needs. Contact us and together we’ll find solutions that are right for you.


Yes, since information will be needed and changes will have to be made to your insurance policy. The insurer will inspect the heating system to make sure it is safe and compliant.

Yes, since you work from home (professional activities), certain exclusions and/or restrictions will apply to your insurance coverage. Additional information will be needed to ensure your property is properly protected and that you have the appropriate civil liability coverage.

No, not by your home insurance policy. However, you can obtain coverage through umbrella liability insurance.

It is important to notify your insurance representative of any change (e.g., change in use, major renovations, addition of a wood-burning stove) to ensure you have adequate coverage. If you omit information or make a false statement, your insurer could cancel your insurance policy or refuse your claim.