Business Insurances

Supplemental products

Additional protections

Looking for additional protections to protect your business? Whatever your field of activity, you can rely on Groupe DPJL’s brokers to be reliable, efficient partners in your business.



Need a bond for your business? We can provide you with expert advice and support throughout the process!

Civil liability

Civil liability

An essential component of all policies, civil liability insurance is a must for protecting your assets. Take advantage of the professional advice of a Groupe DPJL broker!

Commercial auto and transportation

Commercial Auto and Transportation

For all your needs in terms of truck transportation, vehicle fleets, cargo insurance, truckers’ bonds, long-haul trucking, and trips to the United States, our brokers can help you protect your business.



Do you run a construction, electricity, plumbing, excavation, snow removal or roofing business? Ask a DPJL broker about the insurance products that are best for you.



Looking for an insurance quote for your farm? No problem! DPJL’s brokers are experts in the field.

Graphic arts industry

Graphic arts

Covering printing, translation, copy writing, and graphic arts creation, the graphic arts industry is a bustling sector! What would you say to tailored insurance solutions?

Service company

Service Company

Looking for an insurance solution tailored to your service company’s needs? Our brokers are here to help you.

Stores and restaurants

Stores and Restaurants

Wholesale, merchandise and transportation, retail and restaurant businesses: The retail and food industry is vast and varied. DPJL is here to advise you!