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Unfortunately, too many tenants fail to purchase tenants' insurance. The sad tales of loss that appear in the media are proof that tenants need insurance for their personal property.

How much would it cost to replace all of your personal property at today's prices? Personal property means all of your belongings, including decorations, bedding, clothing... even your toothbrush. You can take an inventory of your belongings to help you determine how much insurance you need.

In terms of your civil liability, if your bathtub overflows and the water damages not only your downstairs neighbour's belongings, but also the building itself, what will you do if you are not insured? If the building is damaged by fire caused by a defect in one of your electrical appliances, what will you do if you have no civil liability insurance?

For just a few dollars a month, you can avoid being caught in this type of situation. Just call one of our expert brokers.

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