Commercial insurance

Contractors, hotel owners, grocers, garage owners, etc. all have different insurance needs and own different types of property, meaning their risks are also different. And what about the liability with respect to their activities?

Each business is unique and has its own operating method. You need to insure your property not only against fire, but also in the event of an interruption in its operations. Refer to the section that applies to your situation, or contact us for more information on the options available.

Regardless of your sector of activity, there is a made-to-measure policy to cover your property and your civil liability, both general and professional. There are various types of insurance available to suit your needs:

  • Reproduction of your important documents and files.
  • Additional costs involved in relocating as a result of a covered accident, etc.

Our brokers are experienced in assessing business risks. You'll be impressed by their competence and availability.
Remember, when it comes to insurance, a broker is your best advisor!

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